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“Millionaire Farmer of India Award” 'The Mahakumbh of Indian Agriculture'
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The "MFOI" Concept

Invariably, it has always been an honour to be featured amongst ‘The Richest’ in something. In fact, the entire global media leaves no stone unturned to profit the Rich – be it in Business, Sports, Entertainment or even Philanthropy! But Farmers have somehow never been thought good enough to have the Millionaire prefixed with their profession! Right? Well, not anymore.

Krishi Jagran, known for its innovative initiatives in India’s farming and agriculture industry, is coming up with MFOI – Millionaire Farmers of India Awards 2023 – which will zero in on Farmers who have written their success stories – be it with the growth in their incomes, Contribution to the village/villages; Multiplying yield using tech and more – anything that is not only making their younger ones continue to believe in their agriculture profession but is also inspiring the next generation to venture into India’s oldest occupation.

MFOI, the brainchild of MC Dominic, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Krishi Jagran, will recognize, acknowledge and highlight those ‘honorable hands’ that are feeding India. Krishi Jagran will be rewarding all those unsung heroes, from across India, on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of December 2023, right here in the heart of New Delhi.
The event is meant to witness crème de la crème – from top-shot ministers to industrialists to entertainers – the most successful names will be presenting the Millionaire Farmers of India Awards 2023.

We anticipate creating a charismatic forum that will motivate youth and entrepreneurs around the world and desire to establish a lofty standard! It’s something that has never happened in the history of India but will now happen annually starting this year, from 6th- 8th December 2023.

We’re looking forward to having your esteemed brand onboard and helping India’s agriculture industry create history with MFOI ’23!


MFOI Categories

Following are the categories under Millionaire Farmers. You are open to nominate in more than 1 category.

Millionaire Horticulture Farmer of India
Millionaire Plantation Farmer of India
Millionaire Spices Farmer of India
Millionaire Dairy Farmer of India
Millionaire Poultry Farmer of India
Millionaire Tribal Farmer of India
Millionaire FPO of The Year
Millionaire Millets Farmer of India
Millionaire Woman Farmer of India
Millionaire Vetiver Farmer of India
Millionaire Field Crops Farmer of India
Millionaire Organic Farmer of India
Millionaire Fisheries Farmer of India
Millionaire Honey farmer of India
Millionaire Floriculture farmer of India
RFOI - Richest Farmer of India

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